Whirlpool showed off Apple Watch, Alexa and Google Assistant, remote start, and scan to cook integration in its 2018 range of smart home appliances.

OK – it is smart everything from here on in as the Internet of Things explodes towards 20 billion devices by 2020. Will it make us better cooks, washers and cleaners or just get more food and fingerprints on our smartphones?

Whirlpool is continuing to show how families can cook, clean and wash in smarter ways than ever before through a range of new smart appliances, collaborations and recipe app integrations.

It’s a matter of understanding what consumers truly desire for the smart home of today and tomorrow and Whirlpool’s commitment bringing the best capabilities and functionalities to its connected appliances. Not all these appliances will make it to Australia.

New Whirlpool Smart Products

Whirlpool Smart Over the Range Microwave with Scan-to-Cook Technology

With Scan-to-Cook technology, families can eliminate the guesswork and get the right frozen food settings every time. The technology allows families to scan thousands of frozen food barcodes with a smartphone or tablet and send recommended cooking instructions straight to the microwave.

Consumers will be able to create meals with ease in True Convection Bake mode by connecting the smart microwave to the Yummly recipe app. Families can also make quicker decisions with a touchscreen featuring customised settings based on each family’s preferences.

Whirlpool Smart Front Control Range

Designed to cut out routine steps to get dinner on the table quickly, families can send personalised recipe suggestions from the Yummly recipe app straight to the oven. Making mealtime faster and easier, consumers can also use a smartphone or tablet to get the right settings every time for frozen foods with Scan-to-Cook technology or simplify multi-step meals with technology that sends all the instructions to the oven at once.