Accessorise or Bling your Samsung S10e, S10 and S10+

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GadgetGuy’s guide to accessory brands you can trust for you new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+.

You have just spent $1199, $1399 and $1499 for your new Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ (GadgetGuy first look here). While they all come with a factory fitted screen protector, we felt that we should cover accessories – all in one article.

Take it as read that all accessories should be available over the range and any prices are for the S10+.

Samsung genuine accessories for th Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+

  • Clear View Cover – my favourite as it offers screen scratch protection via a flap that also lets notifications show through. $79
  • LED View Cover uses custom LED icons $99
  • LED Cover creates a light show on the back $79
  • Leather cover adds a certain prestige $79
  • Silicone cover adds grip $39
  • Protective Standing cover acts as a portrait stand and offers more drop protection $59
  • Wireless Charger duo for one Galaxy and one Watch Active (uses phone charger) $159
  • Galaxy Buds $249
  • AKG Wired buds $199
  • Replacement screen protector $19.95
  • Galaxy Watch Active

Mobile Zap and Olixar

Mobile Zap is a reputable online store that has thousands of genuine and third-party accessories for all popular phones including Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG and more. It also has a range of power charging devices, notebook accessories and gaming. Its house brand Olixar offers good value and great quality.


It also has the genuine Samsung products at between 10-25% less. The S10+ case page is here and has 105 types/colours so why not start here.

We won’t list them all, but prestige brands include OtterBox, iBlasson, Case-Mate (famous for Glitter cases), GHOSTEK, Krusell (Leather), Rearth, VRS Design and Zizo (clip-on).


While you are there check out the range of USB-C cables and accessories. Mobile Zap is my go-to place for bits and pieces.


Lifeproof have the $99.95 Next in Black Crystal, Ultra and Clear Lake. It has a high level of impact resistance surviving drops from two metres as well as port shields to stop dirt, mud etc.



Commuter, Defender, Symmetry, Strada (folio) and Pursuit offer different levels of protection and range from $49.95 to $99.95. Pursuit has port covers, and audio-transparent speaker mesh with an inner shock absorber and exterior impact-resistant liner. It is good for snow, water and mud protection.



Casestore offers Incipio online, but you can find it at JB Hi-Fi too.

It’s $29.95 NGP Case from Flex20 polymer that offers good drop protection. The $44.95 DualPro is a double layer case with a polycarbonate outer and a shock absorbing inner.



Last year I chose (from a huge filed) EFM’s D30 Aspen bumper case protector and Curve Edge Screen protector for my Galaxy Note9. In part, it was to give this Australian owned company a go and in part because it offers (in my opinion) the best drop and scratch protection for an expensive device.

It offers Aspen, Seoul, Cayman and Verona styles with varying levels of protection from $39.95-69.95. It also offers a new D30 Crystalex cover that it claims is the only naturally non-yellowing transparent material for phone cases on the market today.


It also has a range of Bluetooth speaker, headphones, buds and power/charger products.

3SIXT Mobile and Tablet Devices

You see the distinctive Red/Black/White packaging everywhere – supermarkets, service stations, Newsagents and corner stores.

It has the $29.95 PureFlex Soft-Edge, clear poly bumper cover that you would hardly know was there. It adds extra grip and some drop protection without disgusing the underlying Prism Green, White etc.

If you are after a leather wallet style that holds a few credit cards, has an ID window then the $44.95 NeoWallet Magnetised Folio is perfect.


3SIXT also has power/chargers, cables, mounts and more.


A new slant is its $49.95 Evo Check, which now has built-in Biocote antimicrobial protection that eliminates bacteria by 99.99% in just two hours. It comes in Bright Rouge, Smokey Black, Ultra Violet, Neon Yellow and boring grey.


It also has a range of Apple device cases.


Belkin focuses on Qi wireless chargers, wall and car chargers, cables and accessories. My pride of place it the Belkin Samsung 15W Qi Charger at $99.95 that delivers all the power you need to a Galaxy S10. It is by far the fastest with Samsung.



While Google Android Pie is the safest Android ever it pays to have security software. GadgetGuy is familiar with all the following paid, premium suites and especially on Android; there is little difference in protection efficiency.



Samsung Galaxy normally comes with a trial of McAfee. If you use another brand, then it’s fine to remove McAfee and install the other.

McAfee Total Protection is a premium suite. RRP is %134.95 for five devices, and it is on special now at $79.95.


A premium product you can subscribe to Norton Security Premium for five devices (Windows, Android, iOS or macOS) currently $109.99 (RRP $164.99). When you think of it – its about $21 per licenced and is considered a premium product.


It also has a premium product called Total Security covering Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It is currently $149.95 for 18 months – also about $20 per licence.


It has the free ESET Mobile Security or a premium version for $5.98. Or you can get a premium suite for all OS for $159.95.

Trend Micro

Maximum Security is normally $142.95 but is on special for six devices for 99.95 – $16.66 per device.

Check Point Zone Alarm

Check Point is one of the ‘big-four’ enterprise security companies, so its Zone Alarm consumer and SMB products are very robust.

It has an Android and IOS product called Mobile Security. Price is not known, but we understand about US$43 per month. It is for people that don’t need suites for all devices.


It has an Android or iOS Mobile Security at $19.99. It’s premium suite is TOTal Security at $119.99 (on special for $79.99) or $16 per device.