Adidas designs the Twitter shoe

In time for the end of the Olympics, Adidas has unveiled a pair of shoes that can read tweets when you’re running. Because that’s what runners should be concentrating on.

More a cool concept than a working product, the Adidas Social Media Barricade is a pair of shoes unlike any other because, quite simply, it has more in common with a mobile phone than your usual pair of runners.

Created by sneaker designer Alex Nash, also known as “Nash Money,” the shoes house a small LCD with some of the innards of a phone, able to check tweets sent to the pair of runners.

The Adidas stripes are still there, but change brightness with a remote control, making these the most tech infused pair of shoes we’ve seen this year.

Sadly, you won’t be buying a pair yourself any time soon. From what we hear, this is more of a neat idea than a finished product that Adidas is looking to market.

We can’t even imagine how complicated it would be to make shoes like this wearable or comfortable, but if this sounds like a dream for your own feet, check out the video below and hope the shoe manufacturer makes your dreams a reality within the next few years.