All work and no play makes Microsoft combines packages

Currently, Microsoft has two yearly subscription services: there’s one for work – Office 365 – and there’s one for home – Xbox Live Gold. Now, the big M is combining the both of them so when you buy one, you get the other free.

The freebie has been launched officially in Australia among other places in the world, and comes in when you first start using the Office 365 subscriptions, as long as they’re purchased and activated from July 18 onwards until September 28 this year.

Microsoft’s offer applies to the one year five computer edition of Office 365 Home Premium and the four year academic edition students can buy, with the Xbox Live Gold access thrown in for one year free.

Some versions of the Office 365 solution aren’t included, such as monthly plans, the Small Business variant, the trial version (hardly surprising), and the few Office 2013 standalone packs you can find.