AOC rocks the 4K boat with a $699 screen

The future will have higher resolutions than the past, and while that’s a pretty obvious statement, we can tell you it’s a definite based on the arrival of 4K. If, however, you want your computer to get in on that early, AOC is adding a new monitor to the mix.

It’s not a brand everyone will know of, but geeks who have spent time considering more than just the major monitor makers out there will know the name AOC, a company known for some excellent displays in the past.

This week, the brand has come out to talk about two monitors, with one of them planted squarely on the 4K section of the market. That area is small at the moment, with only a few players, but AOC will be joining them in the form of the 28 inch 68P, a screen running the 4K2K resolution of 3840×2160, also known as Ultra HD.

The display is equivalent to four Full HD displays running in a grid, just like the Ultra HD TVs out there, and while you can’t run four different displays all at once, you will find connections for DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL, and even a VGA port, making it possible to connect up to several sources.

Further, a pivot on the stand makes it possible to use the 28 inch screen in portrait mode, which is good for people reading long documents and who prefer working with a tall desktop, rather than a wide one.

Priced at $699, it’s a 4K TV for people who don’t need a TV and prefer using a computer, but it won’t be the only monitor out this year for the company.

Joining the AOC 68P is a Full HD model, priced a little differently and bringing a view-from-any-immediate-location IPS panel to a 27 inch screen.

Called the 77F, it’s a slightly different display, not just because the resolution is 1920×1080, but also because it has a slim bezel that will reminds us more of a TV than a computer screen. Like the 68P, there will be ports for DisplayPort, MHL, and HDMI, making it support game consoles and computers alike, which will be especially handy given the $399 price.

Both monitors should be found in stores now.