Asus gets in with a budget laptop hitting $329

In the 2015 school season, your kids will probably need a laptop, but you won’t need to spend much on them, as Asus joins the inexpensive PC movement with a new model under the magic $500 mark.

Remember when computers cost a reasonable amount of cash? It doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet now — NOW — you can pick up a computer for cheap.

We’ve seen $199 tablets and we’re about to see $329 machine from Asus as it unveils the EeeBook X205, an 11.6 inch laptop running a HD screen (1366×768), 32GB storage, 2GB RAM, quad-core Intel Atom (Z3735), and a copy of Windows 8.1.

Like the other budget computers, Microsoft Office 365 is bundled here, though a one year license only, with a battery capable of lasting up to 12 hours, and a microSDXC card slot to expand the 32GB storage considerably.

From the images we’re seeing, it also looks like Asus has managed to make the power port charge from a microUSB plug (above), just like many smartphones, which should make it easier to charge the computer from more places.

“We’re living in an age where computer literacy is vital, especially for students,” said Portia Chang, Regional Head of Asus’ System Business Group in Australia and New Zealand.

“BYOD [Bring Your Own Devices] in schools enriches individual learning experiences and encourages the development of 21st century skills. Our new EeeBook X205 is a great offering for students with Microsoft office applications and long battery life to last the school day.”

Pricing for the Asus EeeBook X205 comes in at $329, with availability in white or black from electronics retailers all across the country.