Aussie Broadband offers unmetered downloads for three days over Christmas

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It’s fairly common for major telcos and internet service providers (ISPs) to offer some form of increased access on Christmas day. Whether it be unmetered downloads or calls on 25 December, it’s a gesture of goodwill to help with updating all the newly unwrapped gadgets. Aussie Broadband is taking it one step further, increasing the unmetered download window to multiple days this Christmas.

For anyone on limited-data Aussie Broadband internet plans, downloads will be unmetered between 23-25 December. If you haven’t wrapped all your Christmas presents yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to download and install updates on any smart devices, game consoles, and internet-connected gear so it’s all ready to use. Data downloaded during this window will not count towards your usage, nor will you have to do anything to activate the offer.

It’s not the first time Aussie Broadband has made similar offers in recent times. As part of the company’s COVID-19 support, it enabled unmetered downloads between 6am-6pm to users during lockdowns.

Unmetered data is great because there’s no stress involved with downloading unexpected large updates. Just don’t be silly about it, though. A couple of years ago, an Aussie Broadband customer downloaded a whopping 35TB in a month. In return, the ISP cancelled the person’s service citing a breach of its fair use policy. Which is understandable, given 35TB is an obscene amount of data on Australia’s internet infrastructure.

Obviously, a month’s usage is vastly different to what you can download in three days. And no, that’s not a challenge. Enjoy your extra data responsibly.

Another thing worth noting is that your monthly data allowance applies as per usual outside of 23-25 December. In other words, don’t leave large downloads continuing after Christmas if you need to preserve data.

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