Luxury brand Bang & Olufsen has been building its high-end gear for almost a century, and in its 90th year, we’re seeing something truly special come out of its design studios.

Not every consumer goods company tries to engineer for every home. Some of them try to build for the specialist and uber-keen.

The Danish design house of Bang & Olufsen is one such company, and over the course of its almost century of existence, has created some of the more intriguing product designs.


Now celebrating its 90th birthday, the company isn’t just showing off the array of products it has developed, but is also talking up a speaker heading to stores early next year.

That product will be one of the more unusual speakers the design house has ever created, called the BeoLab 90.


Packing together one of the largest and more powerful loudspeakers Bang has built, the BeoLab 90 adopts a unique angular look, and relies on a new B&O technology called “Active Room Compensation”, which seems like a variation on Bang’s auto calibration technology to analyse furniture and room materials to improve the sound based on the speaker positioning.