These 3 Belkin devices are a world-first for a great reason

Belkin PCR devices Australia launch

In a world-first, common charging and connection devices from Belkin made from at least 72% post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) are coming to Australian consumers before any other region.

As announced at CES 2023, Belkin kicked off its 40th anniversary by committing to PCR products. By recycling plastics otherwise destined for landfill and committing to additional sustainability measures, the company aims to be completely carbon neutral by 2030.

Three products made from the minimum 72% PCR materials and plastic-free packaging will be available at first. This includes a USB hub, a car charger, and a power bank, three of Belkin’s most popular devices.

Which Belkin devices have been updated?

Of the specific Belkin models to get the sustainable treatment, the three products coming to Australia first include:

  • Connect USB-C to 4-Port USB-C Hub (AVC018)
  • BoostCharge 30W Fast Car Charger Bundle and Standalone (CCA004)
  • BoostCharge Power Bank 10K (BPB011)

Said to be indistinguishable from the original versions, you’ll be able to identify the new sustainable models via packaging and online listings with disclaimers like “Made with Recycled Plastic Products” and “100% Plastic Free Packaging”.

Belkin PCR materials packaging image
How to spot the Belkin devices made from PCR materials. Source: Belkin

Belkin’s announcement comes ahead of Earth Day this Saturday, a global initiative promoting environmental change. Steven Malony, the company’s CEO, penned an open letter to staff members about Belkin’s history of innovation, with a vision of responsible product development. It also comes alongside the company’s 2022 sustainability report, revealing that it recycled more than a combined 36,000 tons of electronics and packaging as part of its carbon reduction efforts.

As for the local launch of the PCR plastics-made devices, Malony expressed strong gratitude for the team that made it happen.

“When we think about the difference a company of our size and influence can make on the planet, moving away from using virgin plastics in our products is an obvious decision, and I’m delighted that Australia is the first to launch these milestone products,” Malony said. “My recent trip to Australia to mark our 40th anniversary showed me the genuine passion that our team, our retail partners and our consumers have for practical but sustainable options.”

“I am proud to work alongside the teams that made this shared vision a reality. Their dedication to doing the right thing inspires me and together, we will continue to work towards a more sustainable future.”

In the meantime, multiple other Belkin devices made from PCR plastics are expected in the first half of 2023. Although there are no specific details for Australia yet, these are on the way according to the CES announcement:

For now, expect to see the more sustainable USB hub, car charger, and power bank devices on Australian shelves soon.

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