Belkin makes Lightning cables pretty

Apple’s Lightning cables are just one of those things iPhone owners, and iPad owners, and iPod Touch owners need, but they’re not particularly pretty, but Belkin wants to change that.

Launching in the next week or two, Belkin’s “MixIt” cables will deliver that necessary Lightning cable for iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S owners in a style that’s a wee bit more attractive than the ordinary white cable you use when you need it.

Belkin’s MixIt cables will still do the same thing as their Apple counterparts, with one end acting as a Lightning port and the other connecting to USB 2.0 to charge your iProduct or move data over.

Interestingly, they’re “MFi-Certified” which is basically Apple’s seal of approval, a certification that says these are built specifically for iOS and approved by Apple.

“Connected devices such as phones and tablets reflect far more than their functional use, they are an extension of our personal taste and style,” said Aaron Shooter, Belkin’s Product Manager for this region.

“As such, when launching this new line of premium metallic cables we addressed the need to provide safe, responsible charging solutions with the importance of also delivering fun, colourful accessories.”

Colours are the name of the game, with gold, silver, and grey options — more than Apple’s choice of “white” — with metallic threads incorporated in the build, aimed at making the cable better built and longer lasting.

Belkin’s MixIt cables are available in stores now and from Belkin’s online presence in the next couple of weeks, with a recommended retail price of $29.95 for a 15cm cable and $34.95 for a 1.2 metre cable. We’re checking with Belkin to see if it has any plans on releasing MixIt cables for other plug types, such as Thunderbolt, microUSB, and USB 3.0.