Belkin offers yet another way to turn your iPad into a computer

From Apple’s point of view, the iPad is a content consumption device: you consume books, games, movies, and website on it. But then there are people that want to make even more use of it, allowing it to become closer to a touchscreen computer than any other Apple computer before it, and for those people, there’s a new case from Belkin.

The latest in a line of keyboard case accessories from Belkin, the “Ultimate Keyboard Case” is a new aluminium case that uses the high-grade metal to make it one of the thinnest cases yet, managing a keyboard that measures 6.4mm thin.

Magnets have been thrown in, too, allowing the screen to snap in at various angles to provide a better way of looking at the screen, and not just the one angle the manufacturer is suggesting, like other cases out there.

“This device allows individuals to not only consume content but also create it more efficiently,” said Brendan Sparks, Belkin’s Head of Marketing and Product Management for Australian and New Zealand. “It gives the iPad all of the functionality of a laptop, while maintaining the sleek appeal of a tablet.”

Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case even looks to offer the ability to hide the keyboard behind the iPad itself, while still being able to use the touchscreen, a feature quite a few slimline keyboard cases lack.

A few other bits have been tweaked too, with the battery rated for roughly 160 hours under constant use, while the case is moulded in such a way that the sound from the iPad speaker can flow out, rather than be blocked up by a piece of plastic.

With the iPad 2 still available alongside the iPad 4 (sorry, “new iPad”), and many an iPad 3 still out in the marketplace, Belkin’s new case is compatible with all three, though won’t work with the first-generation iPad with its much older design.

Belkin’s new keyboard case is heading to stores across Australia from May 13 with a recommended retail price of $139.95.