Belkin sets up homes with eyes when you’re not there

Home security is heating up, and because we all have smartphones, it makes sense that these should connect. Belkin has been watching this space closely, and has two products that make use of this technology ready to go.

Coming in two models, the Belkin NetCams are kind of exactly what the names make them out to be: cameras that connect to the net and let you access the vision whenever you’re not at home.

Built to be used with apps on either iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android, the NetCam app lets you monitor your home when you’re not there, and setup the camera to send you a message whenever motion is detected, as well as the picture itself.

The cameras also support low-light and go into a night vision mode with infrared, making it possible to see what’s there when the light isn’t fantastic.

And it wouldn’t be a Belkin home product if it didn’t include support for WeMo, Belkin’s automation products which allow you to wirelessly control appliances and devices from internet-connected power ports. In fact, when used in conjunction with a WeMo product, the regular WeMo sees the camera and allows them to act as extra motion sensors for the system.

“The Belkin NetCam integrates easily with the WeMo range of products, delivering Australian and New Zealand consumers hassle-free home automation and peace of mind,” said Brendan Sparks, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Belkin in the Australia and New Zealand region.

“With a user friendly setup taking only minutes, this simple and versatile device allows you to keep an eye on your children, pets and belongings on any iOS or Android device without the need for a computer.”

One model has been released as part of this lineup – the NetCam WiFi for $129.95 – and packs in a 640×480 camera with night vision support, WiFi, and the ability to save video straight to a phone or tablet. In December, Belkin will be releasing an updated model sporting 720p HD vision with night vision for $169.95.