Never leave home without it: Belkin’s tiny Travel Surge powerboard reviewed

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International travellers are probably well aware of the special plugs they need to make their electrical cables work at their destination, but Belkin’s solution doesn’t just supply everything in the box, it does it in a way that can protect your hardware too.

What is it and how does it perform?

Built for traveling, the Travel Surge Protector is Belkin’s answer to an increasingly important dilemma facing travellers this days.

With more gadgets to carry on a trip, you generally need more than just one power plug converted for you, so rather than carry a single plug converter for your international destination, why not have something that provides a small power strip with international conversion bundled in?

Belkin’s Travel Surge makes this happen be providing small grey brick sporting two local power plugs for connecting plug-based devices, and two USB ports for charging up necessities that rely on USB charge, with an interchangeable international plug type. Basically, it’s just like a small powerboard for your home, except it comes with quite a few tips for converting your power.

In fact, Belkin has provided every tip you could possibly want, though, with one for the USA, UK, Europe, Asian countries, Australia, and pretty much anywhere that uses the regular five plug types commonly seen internationally.

This makes it very easy to consider over a general plug conversion kit, as every plug you could ever need is considered, rather than just the one you needed for your upcoming trip.

The convertor plugs connect easily through a port like a jug plug, and once they’re in place, the Belkin Travel can be plugged in, providing you access to the two ports on the front, and USB ports up top.

Two power ports might not seem like much, but thanks to the inclusion of two USB ports, it’s probably all most people will need.

If it’s a holiday, your camera charger and laptop can take up the two power ports with ease, while the USB ports carry enough charge for a smartphone and a tablet. That is easily enough room for us to plug things in, and if you need more space, bring a powerboard with you and plug it into the Travel Surge.

Surge protection is also something we’re quite grateful to see here, as regular international converter tips will miss out on protection, doing little more than converting the power.

There is one obvious downside to the Belkin Travel Surge Protector, and that’s the weight.

Seriously, stick the Flip in your hang luggage and you’ll notice it, with the brick and the plug tip weighing nearly as much as each other.

Together — which is how the two parts are best packed — the Flip Surge weighs more than most modern smartphones, and we suspect this is likely due to the solid construction, which is relatively hefty for the size.

At least you know it’ll survive its fair share of punishment, but just make sure not to pack every plug tip, because you’ll notice it, and so will the luggage scale.


Anyone who has ever been on an overseas trip knows all too well how important it is to carry converter plugs, and Belkin’s Travel Surge doesn’t just provide just about every tip you could need, but it does it in a way that makes it the only powerboard you’ll need to carry internationally.

This is one of those things that should be in everyone’s suitcase, and at $70, it’s still worth the ticket price. Highly recommended.

We’re never buying another $10 tip (right) again.



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Not just an adaptor, but also a surge protector; USB ports have enough power to charge iPad and tablets; Has just about every plug tip you might need;