BLUETTI Black Friday sale: save up to $5,000 on backup power

Bluetti Black Friday sale 2023
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Black Friday 2023 is here, and the prominent portable power brand BLUETTI has up to $5,000 off portable solar generators and home backup solutions right now. With the Australian summer fast approaching, it’s a great time to stock up so you can stay connected while camping and away from home.

Check out these massive discounts on a wide range of versatile energy solutions capable of powering your devices anytime, anywhere.

Power Up Off-grid Living

Take $5,000 off the EP760 and two B500 expansion batteries bundle

EP760 - Bluetti Black Friday sale 2023

Capable of providing backup power to your home in an outage, the BLUETTI EP760 also helps you save money. With a flexible capacity of up to 19.8kWh, the EP760 battery system can store cheap grid electricity and solar energy during the day, to power your home when electricity costs increase. It’s also built to last, backed by a 10-year warranty.

Save $799 on an AC300 + B300 home battery backup

AC300+B300 - Bluetti Black Friday Sale 2023

Ideal for providing power at home and outdoors, the AC300 + B300 system is a versatile unit. In case of a power interruption, it switches over in just 20 milliseconds and powers essential loads, such as refrigerators flawlessly. Modular in design, you can increase its capacity to as much as 12,288Wh. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to move around and power your fieldwork, gardening, road trips, and more. Plug it into solar panels to charge at 2,400W, providing a constant power supply for you on the go.

Get $1,699 off an AC500 + B300S solar generator kit with a free solar panel

Capable of running appliances like a coffee machine or a home theatre system, the 5,000W AC500 system can run nearly anything in your house. A basic 3,072Wh AC500 + B300S unit can power an 800W refrigerator for three hours or an electric blanket for 21 hours. Its expandable capacity reaches 18,432Wh, and it supports up to 3,000W of solar charging. Combined with a responsive UPS, this system makes for an ideal off-grid power source for your home or remote cabin.

During the BLUETTI Black Friday sale, you receive a free PV350W solar panel when buying an AC500 + B300S system. Adding $1,399 in bonus value, this is a massive deal.

Power Indoors and Out 

Save $300 on the versatile AC180 Was $1,499, Now $1,199, Save $300

AC180 - Bluetti Black Friday sale 2023

The AC180 and its offline version AC180P weigh only 16kg and 17 kg respectively. Delivering 1,800W (2,700W in powerlifting mode), they can handle various small appliances like dryers and kettles. With responsive UPS features, they seamlessly switch to backup power in 20ms during outages. The AC180 holds 1,152Wh, while the AC180P boasts 1,440Wh of power. They’re also easy to use: you can control the AC180 via Bluetooth on the BLUETTI App, and the AC180P through both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Portable and convenient, the AC180 makes it easy to access power when you need it.

Pack Light, Explore Further

$260 discount on the EB3A + PV120 bundle

Weighing just 4.6kg, the EB3A is designed for outdoor adventurers. It offers an impressive 600W of continuous output to power your car fridge, lights, laptops, and more on the road. Simple to operate, the BLUETTI App makes monitoring the EB3A easy.

Take $430 off the EB70 + MP200 system

Conveniently compact, the EB70 covers your camping, fieldwork, and emergency backup needs. Despite its size, it surprisingly packs lots of power, providing 1,000W running power capable of charging various devices, from full-size kitchen fridges to laptops when you go off-grid. Connecting solar panels gives you even more flexibility, providing a stable power supply wherever you go.

BLUETTI Black Friday Bonuses

Besides these massive discounts, BLUETTI’s Black Friday sale also includes various bonuses as you shop. Spend a certain amount and receive special BLUETTI Lifestyle gifts, while orders placed between 20 November and 3 December earn five times more BLUETTI Bucks, which can then be used for even more savings. BLUETTI members also access exclusive discounts and an additional 5% saving when referring friends.

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