Can Asus “out-Kindle” the Kindle?

So you’ve been waiting for the next generation e-book reader, the Kindle DX? A bigger and better model than its predecessor, it promises a 9.7 inch (25cm) screen, 4GB storage, stereo speakers, and an inbuilt accelerometer just like the Wii.

What if we told you that Asus might just one-up Amazon’s cherished digital book?

Set for release by the end of 2010, the Asus DR-570 is a 6-inch (15cm) e-reader with a bright, full colour OLED screen at its heart. This display technology is energy efficient, with the company rating battery life at 122 hours per charge, even  while displaying full-colour video. Add to this Wi-Fi, 3G and support for Flash video and Asus is onto something interesting here.

Meanwhile, the Asus Eee brand might be getting its own e-book reader. A prototype has been shown with what looks like two colour touchscreens folding like a book.

Watch this space.