If our understanding of the web is at all true, and we have no reason to doubt it, then cats are a big deal on this online superhighway. So big, that our love for kittens and always seeing what they’re up to have inspired a whole new gadget.

Time-wasters come in all shapes and sizes, and while many are made for the internet, some are just things you do from your browser.

The Kittyo takes time-wasters to a totally new level, though, allowing you to waste the odd bit of time by letting you play with your car while you’re at work or just out.

Merging a web cam, laser, and food dispenser, the Kittyo appears to the be the world’s first web-connected cat monitoring and interaction system — yes, we felt weird writing that — making it possible for you to not just watch your cat using a video camera, but also speak to it with a built-in audio speaker.

Playing with the feline is possible thanks to the invisible red piece of never ending string that is a laser — if you’ve ever owned a cat, you know what we’re talking about — and when you’re happy knowing that kitty has been amused for a while, you can even automatically release some treats.

An app will make this possible, with viewing, interaction, and food dispensing happening over your smartphone, with apps being developed for both Apple iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Furthermore, the device can also be clamped to a shelf or attached to a wall in case the kitten in your home is more a fan of knocking things over than leaving them in place.