Celebrate World Computer Security Day by changing your password

How secure is your password? Do you use the same one on every website you visit? If this is you, we suggest taking five minutes out of the day and changing one.

It probably won’t surprise you that most of us use the same password from site to site. Call it laziness or just the inability to remember more than eight characters, we’re getting sloppy and leaving ourselves open to identity theft.

With World Computer Security Day today, we here at GadgetGuy are suggesting you change a password to something you’ll remember that’s a little bit more secure.

If you’re using your name and birthdate – and we know a lot of you are – throw in some capital letters, favourite numbers, or even an exclamation mark to mix it up a little bit. The more playful you are with your characters and the better your password is, the less likely you’ll find someone can break in and grab your identity.

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