I confess. Since the Note5, a Galaxy Note has been my daily drive, and I am proud to admit it. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is this year’s power-user phone. So, if you are one of the 90% that won’t spend more than $600, don’t need a stylus or would never consider driving a luxury muscle car – do not pass go!

Go! The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is not for everyone. At $1499 to $1999 it should appeal to those that need its unique functionality or those that simply want the best. The Note-series offers envelope-pushing features that are still leading-edge, even a few years later.

Channel 7 Sunrise GadgetGuy Val Quinn was over in New York for the ‘Unpacked’ launch (you can watch the launch here) and the Channel 7 Sunrise Session here.

And you can read Val’s hands-on, first look here. Val is known for his somewhat fruity taste in phones, but he is more than impressed with the speed, power and flexibility of the Galaxy Note10. Although he makes it clear that the primary reason to buy the Galaxy Note10 is its Stylus or S Pen.

“It is a game-changer, unique – a phone that lets you write or draw on the screen. The S Pen is like a magic wand allowing air gestures (to control the device/camera/music/movies) and more. And it can turn your scribble into text. There is nothing else like it.”

Let me tell you about the Galaxy Note series

I started using the Galaxy Note5 after release in August 2015. I wrote at the time, “Samsung has done it again producing an ‘11 out of 10’, flagship-class, phone/phablet with an astoundingly useful S-Pen/stylus input that works whether the screen is on, or off. The Note5s compelling feature is its highly accurate S-Pen stylus. On all other fronts it has worthy competitors in battery life; wireless and USB fast charging; front and rear cameras; screen sizes; screen to body ratio, IPX rating; and software user interfaces.”

Nothing has changed, yet the Galaxy Note10 has eclipsed all its worthy competitors by having uber top-draw specifications and the legendary S Pen.

Let me tell you about the S Pen

Galaxy Note10

As a journalist, I need to take notes. While I could use an A6, recycled paper, spiral-bound notebook and a quaint thing called a pen; the Note series allows me to scrawl notes on glass – whether the phone is on or off.

When interviewing, I start the voice recorder and then start an S Pen note over the top. It allows me to scrawl (yes that is a technical term) brief important points at staccato pace and significantly reduces the need for me to transcribe the recording to text.

Many times, I have had a brilliant idea in the middle of the night and reached for the Note to note it down. Apart from the obvious question of what the hell I scrawled in the wee smalls, it served to remind me of the idea or task.

I am not a doodler, but the S Pen allows me to interrelate thoughts or themes just as I would on paper.

A very unscientific Twitter poll last year for the Note9 found that of the 200 respondents (honour system that they own a Note)

About 61% don’t use the S Pen regularly – that leaves 39% who do.

That 39% were evangelical.

S Pen – I use it every day. The only phone that can replace a Note is a newer Note. The Note line is the true flagship in the Galaxy line-up. It’s going to take a much ‘awesomer‘ phone to make me let go of it.

I thought the S Pen was a gimmick until I started using it. I now use it all the time, and I can’t remember what it was like without it.

Of the 61%, this is a typical response.

S Pen – I don’t use it often, but I would miss it if I didn’t have it. When I am doing more serious tasks, I like to use it for the more precise pointer interaction vs my fat finger. Also, I really like using it for copy and paste. I don’t really write or draw with it, so I’m not the biggest target audience for it but for what I use it for it is great.

This is my first Note. I bought it for the huge AMOLED screen and great camera. Anything else is a bonus. I honestly don’t use the S Pen as much as I thought I would. This is the best phone with or without it.