Cover 2202. D-Link’s answer to more mesh coverage (announcement)

Covr 2202
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Covr 2202 is D-Link’s next, higher powered, tri-band, mesh Wi-Fi offering. In theory, it can cover up to 560m2 (23 x 23m).

We have just finished reviewing its little brother the dual-band Covr-C1203. We are impressed with its mesh capabilities as long as you use it in the right home and environment. It claims to cover an area up to 465m2 using three tiny routers.

If you are thinking about mesh to cover black spots read our Mesh 101 guide. It explains the differences between mesh and traditional routers and the best environments for each.

Covr 2202 Triband mesh router (website here)

It is tri-band. That means it has a dedicated 5GHz, 866Mbps back-haul band. This lets the router transmit traffic to devices in dual band 2.4Ghz (400Mbps) and 5Ghz (866Mbps).

The result is a three-lane highway with ‘traffic-flow’ versus a two-lane highway that can become congested. Mathematically that means a 300% increase in throughput over a dual-band.

Covr 2202

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon said:

The COVR 2202 perfectly complements our existing mesh networking solution. It has a dedicated smart backhaul, high-powered amplifiers and beautiful design. The COVR 2202 blankets AC2200 Wi-Fi across larger homes. 

It offers Tri-Band connectivity to deliver high performance and more coverage with one seamless network. The COVR 2202 fits the needs of the modern connected home, offering our fastest speeds with the largest coverage of our Mesh Wi-Fi solutions to date.

Covr 2202 is a two pack

While the Covr-C1203 is a three pack, this is two units. We have a review unit coming, but in the interim, it addresses the one mesh issue was are concerned with – dedicated backhaul. And for an extra-large house well buy an extra satellite or two.

Covr Seamless Wi-Fi Mesh Systems Key Features:

Both the COVR 2202 Tri-Band Seamless Wi-Fi Mesh System and the COVR C1203 Dual-Band Seamless Wi-Fi Mesh System offer the following features for delivering a scalable, seamless mesh wireless network:

  • MU-MIMO more efficiently handles larger groups of concurrent users
  • Smart Roaming keeps devices connected to the strongest signal. Users can move freely throughout their home and always stay covered
  • Smart Steering automatically directs a device to the optimum wireless band. This reduces buffering and lag
  • Easy Setup with the refreshed D-Link Wi-Fi app allowing for simple management of the Mesh network
  • Firmware Update Push Notifications which always keep the Covr System up to date
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty includes D-Link’s industry-leading customer service as well as 24/7 telephone support

Pricing and Availability

The Covr Seamless Wi-Fi Mesh Systems are available from and all major retailers.

COVR 2202 Tri-Band Seamless Wi-Fi System – A$499.95