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Laser SPK-WFADAPTOR WiFi Adaptor – $99.95

Perhaps your Dad doesn’t have a cardboard box of old vinyl, but wants to move into the 20th century of multiroom digital audio. Laser’s range of wireless speakers use the widely supported AllPlay system. Use a smart phone to control what music goes where. The Laser WiFi adaptor lets an existing stereo become part of the whole-house system. Read about it here.

LG 65UH950T

LG 65UH950T Ultra High Definition LCD TV – $5499

Imagine a TV that’s near the top of the heap with both performance and style, and you’re thinking about this TV from LG. It delivers not just High Dynamic Range, but Dolby Vision, combining both brightness and subtlety. And most of the panel is less than 7mm thick! If your Dad really enjoys TV viewing, there isn’t going to be a TV that makes him happier. Read our review here.

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite coffee machine – $3599

“Elite” is in the title, and Elite this Delonghi coffee machine is. The trick isn’t that it produces great coffee. Nor that it’s easy to use. The trick is that it does both at the same time. Your father will appreciate being able to have the quality that the built-in barista programming of the machine delivers, yet the flexibility to take control himself if he wants. Read our review here.

Samsung New Gear VR

New Gear VR from Samsung – $159

New tech sometimes flares up briefly and then fades away into a niche (Segway, 3D TV), and sometimes it revolutionises the world (Smart phones, flat panel TVs). Which will virtual reality be? We reckon the latter. If your Dad has a recent premium Samsung phone (S6/S6 Edge or later), then he can experience high quality virtual reality with Samsung’s New Gear VR headset right now at a very modest price. Read about it here.