We’re told years of research went into the Big Ball by Dyson, with over 300 prototypes built and around 1.8 tonnes of test dust sucked up by the vacuum, an amount that translates to two full-size Mini cars worth of dust.

Test dust is also very unusual, because it has to be brought in from Germany (yes, someone actually sells and manufacturers dust; and you thought you were in the wrong line of work).


In any case, the Dyson Big Ball has seen more test dust than most vacuums, and it’s even done the real work by travelling and cleaning over 16 kilometres of floors while in testing. That’s more than many of us would walk on a regular work week.

It also arrives with some very cool vacuum heads, so much so that you’d never think you’d use the word “cool” with a vacuum cleaner.

Things like an floor-detecting vacuum head that can switch between hard-floors and carpeted are included in every unit, though depending on how much you spend, you may find other heads, such as one designed to go at the back of crevices while another deals with hair that has been shed by the pet, or possibility the significant other.


Inside the vacuum, the Cinetic — pronounced “kinetic” strangely — system separates any dust into areas, taking in dust and dirt at a speed of over 160 kilometres per hour before it whooshes to around 290km/h inside the system, which uses a monumental amount of G-forces to separate the particles and not get the unit clogged.

And that means the vacuum should last a while, too, which is good news for anyone who has ever had a vacuum die only after a year of use.

“It’s definitely repairable,” said Henderson. “There’s no way it could break down in two years,” he said adding that “the design life is considerably longer than that.”

That’s good news for your home, and better news for the kids you get to do the vacuuming around the home for pocket money, as they’ll possibly be able to grow with the vacuum cleaner.


Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is available in online at Dyson now for a starting price of $699, with stores receiving product later in April.