GadgetGuy Competition for Kronaby hybrid watch a major success


GadgetGuy’s first competition give-away, a Swedish Kronaby watch drew many thousands of entries. We learnt a few things we will use for future competitions.

The winner of the Kronaby Apex 43mm steel (value $899 and review here)  competition was Merv (name withheld by request).

In order not to upset NSW gaming legislation we made it a ‘game of skill’ where the winner was drawn at random from eligible entrants who passed a ‘game of skill’ – correctly answering a question.

The Winner stated the Kronaby Apex (review here) was made from ‘316L brushed stainless steel’ – which by the way is a low-carbon version of stainless steel containing chromium (between 16–18%), nickel (10–12%) and molybdenum (2–3%). The latter provides greater corrosion resistance to attack by chlorides and acids. It is great for marine or pool use.

See the shaded words above for the right answer

What we learnt from our first competition

That there are some very enthusiastic competition entrants out there who entered several times. So, in future we will reject emails and phone numbers that are already entered in that competition. We will also cross reference by name, email, phone and address to reduce the number of passionate entrants.

Our competitions are limited to Australia, so we are going to need a legitimate Australian address, email and phone number. Don’t worry the only use for this is to prove eligibility and to get your prize to you. Your data will not be shared, your won’t be spammed, texted or called but your email will be placed on our regular Gadget Grapevine newsletter to keep you up to date with what we have written about.

We need to make the game of skill a tiny bit harder and more specific. Most answered stainless steel – we wanted more. And we need you to go to our review and hopefully click through to the manufacturer’s website as well.

Finally, GadgetGuy readers want more competitions and they don’t have to all be $899 or more in value. We have listened and will run two-week competitions for lower priced items and four-week for more expensive items. Competitions will be promoted via Gadget Grapevine, GadgetGuy social media and on our website here.

Some of the prizes will be ex-review (we have opened and tested them but they are as new) and some will be brand new from the manufacturer.

In short, we need to do more work so competitions will kick off in February!

No, the competition judges can’t be influenced

One enthusiastic entrant – let’s call him Simon (as that is his name) even sent in a piece of sophisticated art including an egg timer presumably to get us to hurry up and judge the entrants. He was clever:

I’ve wasted my time on cheap imitations!
Kronaby Apex is the real deal,
A sapphire crystal Face,
Putting other timepieces in its Place!


Sorry Simon – computers select the winner but we did appreciate the personal touch.