Galaxy SmartTag2 – Samsung’s smart tracking tag lands in Australia

Having just returned from Europe without my suitcase for 2.5 weeks, it’s no secret that the current state of air travel is a dumpster fire – thanks Lufthansa. Personal frustrations aside, this is all the more reason to pack a tracking tag into your checked-in luggage. They’re also great for keeping tabs on so much more like keys, handbags and backpacks, toolboxes, golf clubs, bicycles, cars and even kids and pets. 

While Apple’s AirTag has been a big hit, Samsung has just updated its own tag made for Galaxy phone users, called the Galaxy SmartTag2. While version 1 was sold overseas, the Galaxy SmartTag2 is now available on Australian shores. Here’s a quick run-down on what it can do.

Smart tagging

Like Apple’s AirTag, the Galaxy SmartTag2 uses nearby Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets to relay its location back to the SmartThings App. So, if there are a lot of compatible phones and tablets out there, it’s likely that a lost smart tag can report its location. 

As Samsung phones are among the most widely sold around the world, there’s a pretty good chance that a baggage handler, for example, might have one in his pocket when he walks past your delayed bag.

Using both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-WideBand (UWB) technologies, Samsung’s SmartTag2s have a maximum range of 120 meters to share their location through surrounding Galaxy phones and tablets. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t use Samsung’s tags with other Android or iOS devices.

The Galaxy SmartTag2s also integrate Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology, which guides users visually toward their tagged items using their phone’s screens and cameras.

Key features

Lost Mode: This new feature allows users to register contact details that display when the tag is scanned, potentially turning the SmartTag2 into a digital ID for items or pets

Compass View: Available to UWB-supported Galaxy smartphones, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, this provides directional arrows that point towards your SmartTag2

Upgraded SmartThings Find App: Enhancements to the app include an automatic shortcut when registering a new SmartTag, a full-screen map view, and a more user-friendly interface

Automatic Re-sync: SmartTag2s now automatically re-sync to a new Galaxy smartphone using your Samsung account, mitigating setup hassles during device transitions

Remote-control: When used with compatible Samsung smart home appliances via the SmartThings app, you can use the button on your SmartTag2 to switch on a compatible TV or even start the laundry

Design and durability

Galaxy SmartTag2s on table with colorful cases
Plenty of silicone cases and colors to protect your tag2s

The Galaxy SmartTag2 is constructed with a compact, ring-shaped design and offers an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, so it can withstand outdoor use. The ‘hole in the middle’ makes it easy to attach it to various items, such as bags, and offers particular utility to pet owners, thanks to rain resistance.

Battery life

Promising longevity, the SmartTag2 has a unique Power Saving Mode and along with a standard battery life of up to 500 days in Normal Mode. With Power Saving Mode enabled, this adds another 200 hours of continuous tracking, for a total of 700 hours.


Samsung also announced accessory cases designed to protect and customize the SmartTag2, available from October 12, starting from AU$29.

Availability and pricing

The Galaxy SmartTag2, comes in a choice of Black or White, is priced at AU$55 as a standalone purchase or AU$169 for a 4-pack. It and its accessory cases will be available in Australia from and select retail partners from October 12.