Gerber’s take on Swiss Army Knife is truly 21st century

The common everyday gadget that is a multi-tool has had upgrades here and there with USB keys and laser pointers, but Gerber’s addition for 2014 makes it useful for anyone with a smartphone.

Designed to be used like a regular ‘ol multi-tool, Gerber’s Steady isn’t like every other multi-tool you’ll find. Oh sure, it can cut things with two blades, let you crack open devices with three screwdrivers, open a bottle with a bottle opener, and cut wires with, well, wire cutters.

But Gerber’s take on the pocket tooling device also lets you do something you may not ever expect a multi-tool to do, and that is take selfies.

Yes, Gerber’s modern multi-tool Steady features two foldable legs to help you transform the body of the multi-tool into a third leg and tripod body, while also featuring either a screw tripod mount arm for attaching small cameras or a suction cup grip for smartphones.

And since it can act as a small tripod for phones, that means you can take a selfie anywhere, or even some stable smartphone photos.

The concept is certainly neat, and does a little more for the old Swiss Army Knife than the USB thumb drive or laser ever did, especially if there’s a photographer lurking inside of you.

Pricing for the Gerber Steady comes in at $120, with availability at tool-selling stores across the country.