Google announces Chrome OS for laptops, Samsung and Acer on board

If you thought you only had to choose between Windows and Mac when you were buying a new laptop, think again. Now Google is stepping into the ring with its Chrome operating system, and we will be seeing laptops loaded with it soon.

The new OS won’t be anything like Android, the popular operating system Google makes for phones and tablets. Instead, it will resemble the Google Chrome web browser and run only on laptops, take advantage of what Google calls an “all-day battery”, feature an eight second start-up time, and will always be connected to Google so you can “access your stuff anywhere” (except while you’re flying, obviously).

We’ve heard Google talk about this in the past, but this is the first we’ve seen it slated for release to consumers.

In the past few months, Google has been testing the operating system on a Google-supplied laptop, the CR-48. This past week at Google’s I/O day, the company has decided to officially launch the operating system for public consumption, with two laptops officially supporting it.

Samsung and Acer seem to be the first manufacturers to take Chrome on board, with Samsung’s 12.1 inch Series 5 and Acer’s 11.6 inch Chromebook on their way to stores later this year.