Headphone socket? Nope. But you get an adaptor for the USB Type-C charge and communications socket. You also get the Quick Switch Adaptor, allowing you to transfer your data from an iPhone or Android phone over wire, easing the shift.

The 4G LTE connectivity supports up to CAT 15 for 800Mbps downloads. WiFi is dual band up to 802.11ac with 2×2 MIMO for fast transfers. NFC is supported. The Bluetooth version is 5.0+LE (low energy). All four global positioning systems are supported.

You can go to the Google store now and “register your interest” so you’ll be notified the moment they become available. Meanwhile, in Australia you can pre-order from 20 October 2017. The Google Pixel 2 will be available with 64GB of storage for $1079, and 128GB for $1229. The Google Pixel 2 XL has the same memory options and is priced at $1399 for the lower capacity model, and $1549 for the higher one.