How to unlock your home’s hidden potential with Samsung’s SmartThings

As more and more devices around the house can connect to the internet, you might be missing out on a whole galaxy of things that they can do. Samsung’s SmartThings helps you manage your compatible smart devices around the house, all from one centralised and convenient app1.

Also, SmartThings can even add new capabilities to the devices you already have, or help them work together to be even more useful. Best of all SmartThings is compatible with a wide range of gadgets and appliances from compatible brands, so you can make the most of what you already have. Here are a just a few examples of what SmartThings-compatible devices can help you do:

  • Use your phone as your TV’s remote control, with direct buttons to your streaming apps
  • Suggest a recipe for dinner and help you build a shopping list of the ingredients you need
  • Remind you when you’ve left the car keys behind, or help you locate them
  • Turn your smart lights on automatically when you arrive at home
  • Remind you when the washing is done or let you schedule a time that you want it to finish
  • See how much energy your compatible fridge, TV or washing machine is using

We’ve worked with Samsung to put together a short video that demonstrates how SmartThings can work around your house or apartment, even when you’re not at home.

So have a look around your home – there may already be SmartThings compatible devices that are ready to connect today, plus so much potential to unlock new and smarter ways of managing your home, wellbeing and entertainment, so you can have more time for the things you love.

Check out the Samsung SmartThings page for more information and to see if your smart devices are compatible.

1 Compatible devices must be purchased separately in order to access SmartThings Services.  Please visit for a list of current compatible devices.