How to get a $15 iPhone 15 during the Click Frenzy sale

iPhone 15 click frenzy sale

There are lots of bargains to be found during Click Frenzy, but none as ludicrously cheap as an iPhone 15 on sale for $15.

That’s not a typo. It’s part of what’s aptly named the “Go Nuts 99% Off Deals” over the next few days. Just released last month, an iPhone 15 normally retails for $1,499. It’s a good phone, too, making a strong transition to USB-C, along with performance upgrades based on the iPhone 14 Pro’s chipset.

But that’s not what you’re here for. You want to know how you can get one for $15. To set some realistic expectations, only an extremely limited number of people will land this massive discount. With that out of the way, here’s how it works.

iPhone 15 Click Frenzy 99% off sale

There are some specific instructions to follow to give yourself every chance of getting a $15 iPhone 15. You’ll need to keep a Click Frenzy tab open to see a pop-up notification when one of the 99% off deals starts. These pop-ups contain a question to answer within a 30-minute window. According to the sale organisers, you’ll need to respond correctly and quickly for a shot at the mega-deal.

Those successful will then receive a text message containing an exclusive discount code to purchase the item at 99% off. The folks behind Click Frenzy recommend opting into their emails and watching social media for hints as to when a pop-up is imminent.

A new iPhone isn’t the only 99% off deal during Click Frenzy, either. There’s some pretty cool tech also included as part of the rare discounts, including a MacBook and a Nintendo Switch. They’re all $20 or less, so if you’re lucky enough to secure one, you’re saving a massive amount of money.

  • $15 iPhone 15
  • $6 GoPro Hero 12
  • $5 Nintendo Switch
  • $20 MacBook (13-inch)
  • $4 Apple AirPods Pro
  • $8 Xbox Series X

There are also more deals expected between now and Thursday 26 October 2023, which is how long the current Click Frenzy sale lasts. Good luck to anyone in the hunt for a big bargain.

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