iPhone, Android get BBQ alerts with smart thermometer

Standing by the BBQ may never be the same again, as the smart gadget craze continues, now with a meat thermometer.

Whatever your protein of choice, you’re probably aware that cooking by the BBQ often means standing by while the thing is on checking to see if your food is cooked. It’s not a hard process, and often it’s filled with smells that make your mouth water, but you might have wondered why gadgets haven’t found a way to intervene and connect your digital life with the barbecue.

Well, now it has, as one device has reportedly arrived to do just that.


It’s called the BBQ Buddy Smart Meat Thermometer, and this one is basically your typical digital thermometer, only it comes with a neat trick: it can connect to an app on Android or iPhone (aptly named “SmartThermo”) and send alerts for when the protein is where you want it.

The app will ask for the food you’re cooking, offering beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, hamburger meat, or fish, and then ask for your cooking preferences, catering for rare, medium rare, medium, and well done.

After this, you merely push the meat thermometer into your protein and go away. Provided you’re within 40 metres, the app should come back to you, giving you an idea of when the food is done.

BBQ Buddy’s Smart Meat Thermometer does come with a magnetic casing, so you can mount it to a barbecue if need be, while the battery inside should last for a good 100 hours, with the cell one of the small flat CR2032 batteries for easy replacement.

Price on this one isn’t much, with the Smart Meat Thermometer coming in with a price of $49.99, though we’re told you’ll only find this one at Bunnings.