Kapture shows wearable tech isn’t all about the screens

So far, wearable computers have more or less been about taking that mobile experience and shrinking it to your wrist, or providing an outlet for fitness. But a new device coming shortly is more about what you hear than what you should see.

Different from the other wearable fitness bands and smartwatches, Kapture aims to encourage you to record moments of your life to share with people later on, with the idea being “moments that matter.”

“With this technology, you can preserve and share real-time memories in a completely new way,” said Mike Sarrow, one of the founders for Kapture.

Simple in design, the Kapture wristband is technically always recording, a little like some of the Digital Video Recorders used in TVs, with you merely needing to tap the microphone grill on the band to have the last 60 seconds of recorded audio sent to the Kapture app for smartphones.

Like most other wearable devices, a smartphone is more or less a requirement, and once the clip has been received by the phone, it can be edited or shared with friends over Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, or just kept for yourself for a rainy (or sunny) day.

The idea is certainly an interesting one, and may even hit Australia, with a representative for the company telling us that the $99 recording wearable the company is looking at “a couple of potential retailers,” though actual availability could not yet be confirmed.