KEF splashes a bit of colour for its second on-ears headphone

Some companies excel at making lots of products, and others do really well with just a few. English audio engineers KEF sit in that last category, and for its second pair you wear on your head, it’s not just about sound.

For the fourth portable sound product in its line-up — and the second headphone the company makes altogether — KEF is making sure it doesn’t just have the audio chops down.

It more than likely has that, because this isn’t just a brand that knows speakers, as we’ve seen some pretty impressive headphones from KEF in recent years since it started making them.

So KEF is already on top of the sound, and will be bringing 40mm neodymium drivers and a copper coated aluminium wire voice coil to the new headphones.


But again, it’s not just about sound, because while the KEF M500 headphones pretty much went for a basic silver and black colour scheme, these new ones — the KEF M400 — are about colours.

You’ll find four of them to choose from, all made from machined aluminium, offering “Racing Blue”, “Sunset Orange”, “Champagne White”, and black (which isn’t special enough to get a nifty name).


The colours are one of the major features of the headphones, but they will also arrive with ear moulding memory foam inside the ear pads which are themselves covered in sweat-resistant leather, while the headphones are set inside an aluminium frame.

As a change from the M500, however, you’ll also find a bit of portability in these headphones, sporting a hinge to let you fold the ear pads up when not in use.


Pricing on KEF’s M400 is pretty much spot on from where the KEF M500 headphones sat, suggesting that these new cans may actually be the replacement for those neatly two year old headphones.

That said, KEF hasn’t actually confirmed this yet, so for now, just go with the knowledge that these colourful KEF cans sit alongside their older brother and will be found on store shelves shortly.