KLiPT is not just any tool – its a very bright one


Aussie Adventure enthusiast and engineer Terrence Byrnes needed a tool. Not just any tool, but a bright and flexible one to accompany him on his adventures. Enter KLiPT.

KLiPT is the epitome of the mother of invention. It is like a Swiss Army light (sorry that name is gone!) and combines a custom designed carabiner with a bottle opener, ruler, ¼ socket, cutter, wrench, and more. It attaches to a bright USB rechargeable 300 lumen LED flashlight.

So, KLiPT is a flashlight and a flexible tool. More the other way around.

KLiPT comprises

  • an LED flashlight
  • detachable titanium multi-tool clip with socket
  • secret storage capsule
  • quick release carry system

See the feature list below.

It is a Kickstarter project. It has a goal of A$10,000 by 31 August and at it’s a launch today (1 August) it already immediately reached 20% of the goal.


GadgetGuy’s take. Everyone should have a KLiPT.

I like this for many reasons.

First, it is Aussie designed. Go Aussie.

Next, the idea of a USB rechargeable LED flashlight with 18350 batteries is great.


Finally, I am tired of improvising with the wrong tool for the job. This should serve 90% of my needs when boating, camping and fishing. In fact, it is BCF’ing good (think that name has gone too).

So, if you have a spare $69 get onto the website and order one today. Delivery before Xmas. In fact order one for each for your children, siblings, next door neighbour … They are cheaper by the dozen and look like keepers.