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GadgetGuy does not review fridges – it gives couriers a hernia as they lift them upstairs! But we are impressed with the LG 2020 French Door refrigerator ‘refresh’ range and a new thing called ‘surround cooling’.

The LG 2020 French Door refrigerator range now projects cold air from back, top, door and all-around to cut temperature variations inside the cabinet.

LG 2020 French Door refrigerator range

The new models will be available from Q2, 2020 from major electrical retailers (where a model is exclusive we show it below). MB = Matte Black, BS = black stainless, PL = stainless. V=Instaview.

InstaView Door-in-Door is a glass panel that you tap twice to see inside. This reduces cold air loss and extends food life and reduces wastage.    

All the new models have a compact, door-mounted slim indoor ice maker – more food storage due to its slim profile.

LG 2020 French Door refrigerator range – refresh

LG 2020 French Door refrigerator range

LG’s Website is here

New Model Previous Model RRP New Model Details 
GF-V910MBL GF-V910MBSL $5,999 910L, InstaView
Harvey Norman 
GF-V708MBSL $5,399 708L, InstaView 
GF-V706BSL GF-V708BSL $5,199 708L, InstaView 
Good Guys, JB 
GF-D708MBSL $4,599 708L, Door-In-Door
GF-D706BSL GF-D708BSL $4,199 708L, Door-In-Door 
GF-L706PL GF-L708PL $3,899 708L, Door-In-Door
The Good Guys 
N/A $3,599 725L, 4 Door Basic
GF-B730PL N/A $3,399 725L, 4 Door Basic 

If your budget extends to a French door fridge, then LG is worth considering. The advances are more ‘refreshes’ – evolution – so if you see a 2019 model at a bargain price, it is a great buy. The following 2019 models also have a version of surround cooling – GF-V570MBL, GF-L570MBLGF-L570PL, and GF-B590MBL/GF-B590Pl (no icemaker).

All have LG ThinQ for remote temperature monitoring and adjustment.

Consumer advice: Before you buy any fridge, check your maximum cabinet cavity width, depth and height. Allow at least 50mm on either opening door side (unless the doors protrude from the cavity or have cantilevered hidden hinges) and at the top.

LG 2020 French Door refrigerator range