Linksys launches new routers, go for maximum range

Bad wireless is a problem that we’ve all dealt with before, but Linksys has unveiled a new device that should finally put an end to those problems.

While it lacks the glossy black finish Linksys routers have had for a few years, the E4200 is a new router that not only combines easier installation methods, but also includes 6 hidden antennas and an amplifier designed to get the best range possible.

At $299.95 (RRP), it’s not one of the cheapest routers around, but Linksys is aiming this model at families that need fast networking for things such as gaming, Skype, streaming video, and even home theatre streaming.

We’re told it’s one of the fastest routers around, but you’ll still need to plug it into your modem as it’s not an all-in-one device.

Still, we’re keen to put it to the test. With 450Mbps transmission over wireless, we’re expecting good things for streaming high definition video to our living rooms.