Marley builds a speaker for people to “get together”

Every manufacturer and their dog has a Bluetooth speaker, and some of them have quite a few. House of Marley is no stranger to these gadgets, and its latest take on the product is all about getting friends together.

And just to make sure there’s no confusion on the issue, the sound gear maker has even called its latest speaker the “Get Together”, you know, in case you were concerned that it was a speaker for listening to all by your lonesome.

The Get Together grabs a wooden front and back made of bamboo, and a cover made of a combination between hemp, cotton, and plastic bottles, with the sound taken care of with one inch tweeters and 3.5 inch woofers.


This combination of speakers means this isn’t a particularly small box, and since it has been designed to get people together, we can understand why.

Fortunately, you won’t need to bring cables to do this, with an eight hour rechargeable battery built into the box and support for Bluetooth, though it will also feature a 3.5mm jack and auxiliary RCA port if you do want to plug in something that isn’t wireless.

Availability on the House of Marley Get Together speaker should be now, and you’ll find this one in select stockists for a recommended retail price of $249.99.