Marley takes wood in-ear without the splinters

A new pair of earphones is on the way from the acoustic-friendly House of Marley brand, as the company pushes past plastic for a wooden style of in-ears accented in metal.

If you’re into the natural feeling of wood and aren’t keen to carve your own earphones or import something super expensive, House of Marley may have your back.

The company has recently released a series called “Uplift” which boasts carved wooden inlays on the exterior and what Marley claims is a “bio-based woven fabric” on the cable, for a look Marley claims is “old school”.


While that might be true, the inclusion of aluminium accented edges will likely diminish the old school and vintage nature, though Marley is hoping a 9mm driver for the in-ears will win people over in the sound department, creating what the company says is a “more intimate experience for the listener”.

At $70, we’re not sure how intimate these earphones will really be, but if you’ve been looking for something a little different from the standard white earphones that every phone tends to arrive with, these in-ear options could be just what you’re after.