Microsoft Office coming to iOS and Android in November

Any excuses suggesting tablets could not be used for productivity purposes are about to be thrown out, with news that Microsoft will be bringing its office suite to the biggest mobile touchscreen platforms.

According to news overseas, Microsoft’s tablet friendly version of its famous word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and email platform will be arriving in November.

The design of the pas is expected to echo the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, using the square and rectangular Metro UI design that has become synonymous with the Windows Phone 7 devices, like the Nokia Lumia range of mobile handsets.

While tapping the massive iOS market is expected to be the main push here, an Android version is also anticipated, potentially offering both of the major tablet players a way of writing and editing files on the go.

There’s no word yet on pricing, nor on how much complexity we’ll see from the app, but it’s good news if the current Office clone apps haven’t impressed you thus far.