Microsoft to bring Xbox Live Arcade to its next phone

Everyone has at least one game on their phone but with Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 release, you won’t just be bringing the simple games, you’ll get Xbox Live Arcade gaming too.

The news comes from an announcement made by Microsoft at Gamescom in Germany, a massive gaming expo held this week.
While the new Windows Phone 7 operating system will be used for more than just gaming, it’s obvious that mobile entertainment is a big part of the Windows Phone experience.
Major gaming titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero 5, Fast & Furious, Splinter Cell, Castlevania, Flight Control, and even two Star Wars games will be released within the first few months of the new handsets coming to market.
The gaming home screen will let you check out your news, profile, multiplayer invitations, and games available for you to play.
Taking advantage of Microsoft’s already widely used Xbox Live community, Microsoft plans to bring already used Xbox Live account features to various parts of the phone, including game achievements, multiplayer gaming, friends, and even the 3D avatars that represent you in-game.
If you’re a constant gamer, you’re probably as excited by this as we are. Add to this the sheer amount of games on the iPhone as well as the Sony PlayStation phone and you’ll probably agree that the mobile gaming competition is beginning to heat up.
What will the next generation of Windows Phone 7 handsets look like? Something like this.