Microsoft to kill Windows 8 five device limit (yay)

One of our least favourite parts of the Windows 8 operating system was this idea that Microsoft only let you have 5 computers using your Windows 8 account. Where did that number come from? Well, whatever the reason, Microsoft is changing the limit from October.

When Microsoft released Windows 8 last year, it brought in something very similar to what Mac OS X has: a limit on the amount of devices you could have apps installed to.

This presented a problem for the few families and businesses that had multiple computers, and meant that if you wanted to install apps purchased from Windows 8 or using the same email account to more than five computers in your home, you were in trouble.

It wasn’t just a computer issue, since Microsoft also has tablets, so if you had a few laptops or desktops, as well as tablets, you could find yourself in a problem.

You could always deactivate the installs as and when you needed to, but five installs seemed like such an arbitrary number, and in many ways, felt like Microsoft was borrowing Apple’s five device limit used in the iOS store.

From October 9, Microsoft will be changing its five computer limit on concurrent app installs with Windows 8 to another number which again seems arbitrary: 81, a number likely picked because it’s large and looks like Microsoft’s upcoming edition of Windows (8.1).

Yes, from October, you’ll be able to have apps and accounts installed up to 81 devices, meaning you’re less likely to need to deactivate apps across computers, let alone be asked about it in the first place.

We see it more than most, usually when we’re reviewing and testing multiple computers, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll be glad to see Microsoft has, to some degree, come to its senses.