Microsoft to Kinect you with the video game world

Much like how Minority Report depicted a world where humans and controlled computers with simple gestures, Microsoft looks set to make video games movement controlled with Microsoft Kinect.

More than just the motion controls Nintendo’s Wii currently offers gamers, Microsoft’s Kinect (formerly “Project Natal”) uses a combination of cameras, infrared sensors, and microphones to track body movements and gestures.

Titles are being specially developed for this technology and include fitness titles from EA, MTV, Ubisoft and THQ, as well as a Star Wars lightsabre wielding game from LucasArts slated to hit the Xbox 360 next year.

Microsoft Kinect will be a separate accessory but as yet has no price or release in this country.

Microsoft's new Xbox 360 console with the Kinect accessory.
Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console with the Kinect accessory.

Microsoft also took the moment to remake the Xbox 360 with a slimmer, quieter, and more fashionable design. The new Xbox 360 features built-in WiFi N as well as a 250GB hard drive, giving it plenty of storage for games, movies, and music.

The new console will replace Microsoft’s current high-end Xbox 360 Elite package and will be available in stores from July 1 at $449 RRP.