Microsoft’s Kinect may be integrated directly into TVs next year

Last year, Microsoft made waves with its Kinect, a motion gaming accessory that gave gamers the ability to play games without controllers. This year, Microsoft plans to let us control our Xbox with our voice, and that’s something that TV makers want in on.

News has come in this week telling us that Microsoft may be on the verge of licensing its Kinect technology to the makers of televisions, with Sony cited as a possible option.

With a Kinect built into a TV, it’s possible that you could turn both your hands and voice into remote controls, offering new ways of controlling the telly.

It’s unknown if this will impact Microsoft’s gaming options, and whether Kinect-enabled TVs will require an Xbox 360 with a second Kinect to play Microsoft’s motion games, but we suspect we’ll hear more about this next year. Maybe even at CES 2012.