Monster Diamond Edge headphones turn your ears into polygonal bubbles

The look of headphones have changed over the years, and thankfully, there’s more style than the simple black circles we normally have pressed up against our ears.

Celebrity brands like Beats and Monster are certainly spearheading this movement, and the latter of these has a new pair of cans that will make your ears look very different.

Designed for anyone who wants to be different, the Monster Diamond Tears Edge headphones takes a pair of over the ear cans and turns the outside into what a cut diamond looks like.

When sun hits them, expect your ears to look like 8-bit bubbles, if they ever existed.

The headphones include Monster’s audio engineering, and the company’s Noel Lee says the Diamond Tears Edge make “a bold statement of style and fashion while offering new levels of sonic performance.”

That “bold statement” will set you back $399, but you will get a look that few devices have, and it’s likely that you’ll be the only one on your block with headphones that glow when the light catches them.