Need a tough mobile phone? Try the Samsung M110.

The Samsung M110 mobile phone features a ruggedised shell, resistance to water, dust and shock with a simple and straightforward design, perfect for those who need their handset to be tough.

With the ability to withstand the roughest of environments, the Samsung M110 is guaranteed to survive building sites, coal mines and extreme sporting environments with the IP54 international certification.

Samsung has combined durable and sturdy design with their reputation for premium quality and reliability. The rubber shell on this bar-type phone ensures you won’t lose your grip on it no matter what you’re doing – and if you do acts as a buffer to absorb shock. The LCD cover also means the screen can withstand scratches and scrapes so you’ll always be able to see who you’re calling and who’s calling you.

The Samsung M110 also features big elevated buttons for easy dialling, a flashlight and a hiking style clip which allows for the handset to be attached to a belt or bag for secure and easy access.

Source: Samsung