NVIDIA at Computex 2019 – I can see clearly now

NVIDIA at Computex 2019

NVIDIA announcements at Computex 2019 covered both the enterprise and consumer fronts.

Here’s a roundup of the press releases and blog posts from NVIDIA at Computex 2019 (Blog here)

1.    NVIDIA Launches Edge Computing Platform to Bring Real-Time AI to Global Industries

The newly-announced NVIDIA EGX is an accelerated computing platform that enables companies to perform low-latency AI at the edge — to perceive, understand and act in real time on continuous streaming data between 5G base stations, warehouses, retail stores, factories and beyond. The platform is supported by 40+ partners, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, BMW, GE Healthcare, Dell EMC, Cisco, and Mellanox.

2.    NVIDIA Boosts Capabilities of World’s 40 Million Creatives with Launch of NVIDIA Studio

NVIDIA Studio is a newly launched platform that dramatically improves performance and reliability for the world’s 40 million online and studio-based creatives who depend on high-performance PCs for their craft. Combining RTX GPUs as well as the NVIDIA Studio Stack of specialised SDKs and dedicated Studio Drivers, it is supported with rigorous hardware and software testing for top creative applications and workflows.

3.    NVIDIA Laptop Momentum Accelerates as Partners Announce 25 New Models

Leading manufacturers have launched 25 laptops fuelled by power-efficient NVIDIA Turing GPUs, broadening the reach of revolutionary ray-tracing capabilities beyond the nearly 100 Turing-generation laptops announced earlier this year. The latest systems include both powerful RTX Studio laptops and high-end gaming laptops, delivering unprecedented levels of performance and cutting-edge features including real-time ray tracing and AI-assisted gaming.

4.    Relive a Classic! NVIDIA Remakes ‘Quake II’ with Stunning Ray-Traced Graphics, Gifts to PC Gamers

Quake II RTX will be available on GeForce.com as a free download on June 6. It is the world’s first game that is fully path-traced, a ray-tracing technique that unifies all lighting effects such as shadows, reflections, refractions and more into a single ray-tracing algorithm. The result is a stunning new look for id Software’s Quake II, one of the world’s most popular games, originally launched in 1997.

5.    NVIDIA and Bethesda Add ‘Wolfenstein: Youngblood’ to List of Ray-Traced Blockbuster Franchises

Wolfenstein: Youngblood will include support for real-time ray-tracing effects, NVIDIA Adaptive Shading and other advanced gaming technologies that will let gamers experience the rich realism and depth of the game’s visuals. To celebrate the return of the franchise, NVIDIA today kicked off a “Born to Hunt” bundle for GeForce RTX™ GPUs. For a limited time, gamers will receive Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which is scheduled to release on July 26, with the purchase of an eligible GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080, 2070 or 2060 GPU-equipped graphics card, desktop PC, or laptop.

6.    17 New NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops Provide Artists with Desktop-Class Performance on the Go

RTX Studio laptops are purpose-built for content creation, featuring up to 16GB of graphics memory, up to 4K HDR displays, Max-Q thin and light designs, Core i7 and i9 CPUs, and plenty of fast RAM and SSD storage.

7.    An On-Ramp for AI: NVIDIA Expands NGC-Ready Portfolio and Support Services

Seven new NVIDIA-powered servers have been added to the portfolio of NGC-Ready partner systems validated for AI and machine learning.

8.    World’s Most Powerful Mobile Workstations Launch with NVIDIA Quadro RTX, Delivering AI, Ray Tracing, VR

New mobile workstations from global OEMs offer desktop-level performance for millions of creative and technical professionals on the go, empowering them with the latest advancements in photorealistic rendering, AI and VR.

9.    NVIDIA Earns Double Wins with Computex ‘Best Choice’ Awards
Awards for the NVIDIA DGX-2 AI system and Jetson AGX Xavier extend NVIDIA’s record 11-year winning streak.


10.Computex 2019: Creators Take Center Stage with NVIDIA Studio to Make Magic on the Go

A packed press room at Asia’s biggest annual tech trade show watched live as the trio of artists used GeForce RTX and Quadro RTX GPUs to create amazing content.

This information has been reproduced with permission from NVIDIA.