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It’s also a good idea to have a plausible story ready, just in case Uncle Jim asks you six months later how useful you’re finding the gadget.

Resell the Gumtree way

Absent a receipt, you can try just reselling on the open market. This is also fine for older items that your new gift is replacing. Thankfully we don’t have to rely on the newspaper classified advertisements these days. You can take advantage of an Australia-wide market at no cost via

Get rid of stuff the good old way: flog it off using Gumtree …

Using this channel, the payment doesn’t necessarily need to be through Gumtree. Cash can be paid, or a direct deposit arranged or whatever. But if you prefer you can have your Gumtree account linked to Paypal for easy payment that way. If it doesn’t sell within a reasonable period there’s a paid option to extend the ad (along with paid options to give it greater prominence), but if you keep a copy you can just re-list it for free.

Resell the eBay way

A similar solution to the same problem, but using a different sales channel. Sometimes there can be advantages to selling via eBay, even though a (small) percentage of the selling price goes to eBay. The market is obviously wider, international, even, if you wish.

And that can be useful for more specialised devices that may not be of much interest to the average mum and pop second hand buyer. The more generous the gift, the higher the quality, the more likely you are to find an appreciative buyer on eBay.

… or eBay

Remember, too, eBay and Gumtree are both useful ways of acquiring gadgets. But do check out the “reputation” scores of the sellers (readily available on both sites) just to be on the safe side.

Keep it as a backup

Do you actually need to dispose of the gadget? Maybe you ought to keep it as a backup for your own use? We here often get rid of stuff, only to regret it a week or two later as a new use for the disposed-of device becomes apparent.

We like to keep at least one spare phone on hand, just in case. We’re of the firm view that you can never have too many headphones or earphones or Bluetooth speakers. We’ve never found a set of wired earphones where the internal wires didn’t eventually fail through wear and tear, in a time measured in months rather than years.

So, think carefully before getting rid of it.

Give to School or other institution for fete

Do you have kids? Does their school conduct a fete every year, requesting things to sell? Do they have an annual “car boot” sale to raise money? Do you feel guilty for not having anything decent to hand each year?

Well then, just tuck that unwanted gadget into a cupboard so that it’s ready when the time rolls around to the next call for saleable devices.

St Vinnies or the Salvos …

… or whoever (our local shop has an outlet for the Multiple Sclerosis association). They will always welcome sellable gear, so long as it’s safe. They are generally cautious about accepting electrical devices that look worn or otherwise tatty, principally for reasons of safety.

The nice thing here is that your gadget will serve a double good-cause. It’ll be available for sale to someone who probably can’t afford it at full cost, and the money raised will help the organisation fulfil its charitable mission.