Parrot unleashes another drone with picture snaps in mind

Taking photos can be fun, but you don’t always have the height. And then there’s the whole “drone” thing, and if you’re keen to get some air time, you’ll now be able to take some high res shots while you’re at it.

Drones used to be all about fun and games, but the next area the quad-copters could make fun will be aerial photography, and Parrot is getting its gear up to scratch now to make the skies a photo-friendly place for anyone with enough money.

Parrot’s next drone looks to be good for that, too, with the Bebop drone packing in a 14 megapixel shooter capable of capturing video in Full HD, with stabilisation taking place on a three-axis system.

The camera also includes four shock absorbers to keep the engine from making the video look all jittery, while images are processed with a dual-core processor, graphics chip, and proprietary image chip to make the images clear.

We’re told the lens for the new Parrot drone provides a 180 degree field of view, and while the remote control is handled with an app on smartphones and tablets, if you need to take it on a long trip and need some extended range, there will be an extended WiFi remote called the “Sky Controller” to let you take the Bebop into far off ranges.

And if you want to take this even further, the Sky Controller can be hooked up to first-person glasses (FPV), making it possible to view and control the Parrot Bebop drone from your head with an Oculus Rift.

Pricing for the Drone will come in at $699.95 in December, with the Extended Range Drone and Sky Controller shifting the price to $1299.95.