Mega gaming event PAX Aus 2024 tickets on sale now

PAX Aus 2024
Image: PAX Aus.

Keen to go to one of the biggest gaming events in the Southern Hemisphere? Now’s your chance, because ticket sales are now open for PAX Aus 2024.

Capping off Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW), PAX Aus 2024 takes place between 11-13 October, welcoming gamers, tabletop enthusiasts, and pop culture lovers alike. Once again hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, it’s a massive gathering of the biggest names in the games industry.

Because of its huge popularity, tickets usually sell out well ahead of the event. In the case of PAX Aus, tickets take the form of badges, doubling as a nice keepsake of a time well spent. Having attended several PAX events in the past, it’s absolutely worth checking out for anyone with a passing interest in games.

Depending on how eager you are, badges come in two types. For the die-hards, a three-day pass that gets you into every day of PAX Aus. Meanwhile, a single-day badge lets you attend a specific day of your choosing. Three-day and Saturday badges sell out the quickest, with Friday and Sunday typically slightly quieter days.

PAX Aus 2024 will be a hoot

PAX Aus 2024 badges are available to purchase now with a limited-time early-bird pricing offer. A three-day badge sets you back $175, while a single-day badge costs $70. There’s no set date as to when the discounted pricing ends, so keep an eye out if you’re keen to attend.

All three days of PAX Aus are full-day affairs, chock-filled with games to play on the main exhibition floor, interactive panels to attend, and plenty of giveaways. While there are lots of international game developers and companies in attendance, a highlight is always PAX Rising, a big section dedicated to weird and wonderful indie games, many of which are made right here in Australia.

I also highly recommend checking out the many events taking place during MIGW. Freeplay Parallels is always a blast, featuring local developers showing their work in an intimate setting. Plus, the Australian Game Developer Awards, known as the AGDAs, are taking place on 9 October, highlighting the best games from the Australian industry.

Regardless of whether you go to PAX Aus 2024 or any of the other MIGW events, it’s a great time of year to be in Melbourne. If video games are your thing, going to PAX is a delightful rite of passage.

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