Public service announcement: signatures still work for some bank and credit cards

Last week, Australians were asked to switch over from providing signatures when they pay for items with card, and use a PIN instead. While that’s still being asked, that move is not the be all and end all on the matter.

In fact, according to the people at American Express, there’s still a big push to get more people to adopt typing the code in at the register, but that it mostly applies to cards with embedded chips.

If you do not have one of the newer cards and are still awaiting a replacement, we’re told by Amex’s people that “a signature is still an acceptable form of payment authorisation.”

One hurdle Aussie customers may have in knowing this is stores and the knowledge of the people working there, but if your card lacks a built-in chip, you can still sign for things, so fear not.

Online, however, won’t have this issue since signatures are never accepted online, but if you’re concerned the store you frequent won’t take your old style card, talk to your bank and request a new updated card to use a PIN with instead.