Rozibaby shakes the cradle with Aussie modular prams

Parents know all too well that the quality of a stroller matters, just like the quality of clothing over a period of time, and two Aussies think they may have what it takes to make parents think twice before they spend on another pram.

Prams are generally built to serve a purpose from the moment they’re bought. You buy one to carry one kid, and it will, but if you have two, you need to buy a different model. Costs can begin to add up, adding pressure to the family and what they spend on.

But Australian start-up Rozibaby sees the pram market differently, approaching strollers like you might a computer, able to customise and change parts out as required.

“When we launched Rozibaby in 2012, there were very few pram companies that even offered customised options,” said Rosh Ghadamian, adding “and those that did had only a couple of things you could change. They offered little variety or extra advantages but were happy to charge ridiculously high prices.”

Rosh tells us that this wasn’t what he and his co-founder Tahir Baig wanted, and designed a pram made for their own tastes that could be adjusted by the parent as the family grows.

To make this happen, the prams have been designed to snap the parts in, making everything interchangeable, while the frame can be adjusted in height. Weight has also been thought of, since someone will have to pick it up at certain points, so the entire aluminium frame weighs just under four kilograms.

“Many families have said in particular that the ability to change the height of handle of the pram has been a welcomed addition, much like adjusting the seat of your car when someone else has been driving it,” said Ghadamian.

The idea makes sense, especially since the idea of being able to replace elements applies to so much of what we use today.

If you break your phone screen, you can get it replaced.

When memory or a hard drive fails in a computer, you can generally take it to a service centre for a replacement piece of hardware, or if you’re skilled enough, do it yourself.

On your car, if a tire is flat, no one expects to fork out for a new car just to fix that one section.

A pram should basically be the same, and if something breaks, you shouldn’t have to fork out several hundred to a thousand dollars to buy something new.

“We overcame many costs by keeping the business online and cutting out the middlemen. We also created better value for parents by developing a pram that could grow and change with the needs of the baby and their parents,” said Ghadamian.

“If you need new wheels, rather than purchase a whole new pram, you’re able to replace just the component that needs it.”

Rozibaby’s prams are available now from the company’s online store.