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Samsung AirDresser
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The Samsung AirDresser is three air hanger plus tie/trouser bar, heat pump, steamer, dryer cabinet to care for premium clothes.

Samsung AirDresser

In true GadgetGuy form, we deep-dive and look at the things you need to consider before spending $3K+ on the Samsung AirDresser.

First, and foremost it’s a cabinet – 1850 (h) x 445 (W) x 615 (D) x 89kg. You need to allow an extra 400m in front to open the door and a few millimetres either side. It can be stand-alone or built-in.

Next, it needs 240V power, and the manual says 220-240V/1700-1900W. Using OHMs law that means about 9A, so it pretty well needs a dedicated 10A power point. Samsung recommends that a 240V/12A high breaking capacity fuse for the circuit. So, you may need to allow a few extra hundred dollars for a sparky.

Finally, it is a heat pump design – that means it creates steam in a closed environment, so you don’t need a ventilated area. That means it has a water tank (called a refill tank), a drain tank, air filter and a lint filter. These all need regular attention before use. It is not plumbed in. Water contains hard minerals and calcium, so like a coffee maker, it will require regular descaling (it will tell you when).

Oh, and it needs Wi-Fi to connect to Samsung SmartThings App for iOS or Android.

Samsung AirDresser

  • Website here
  • Manual here (it is a PDF so check downloads)
  • Model: DF60R8200WG/SA
  • Price: $3999 (as per the press release). Note it is currently on the Samsung website at $3049 and Bing Lee has it at $2999 and Good Guys at $3299. All prices exclude delivery and any specialist installation.
  • Elevator pitch: A clothes care cabinet that uses steam to reduce wrinkles
  • Warranty: 12-months ACL
  • Country of Manufacture: Unknown – likely South Korea
  • Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It is the world’s largest smartphone maker.
Samsung AirDresser

So, what does a Samsung AirDresser do?

  1. Normal for freshening your everyday wear.
  2. Delicate for delicate items such as chiffon, lace, rayon and items with decorations.
  3. Quick for items with light odours and wrinkles.
  4. Sanitise clothes with steam.

You can select Sensor Dry or Time Dry.

Best things to AirDresser

  • Suits, jackets and trousers (use the trouser rail and the weight kit)
  • Knits and woollens
  • Activity wear
  • Down jackets
  • Fur/Leather
  • Heavy-duty thick items
  • It has a removable shelf for shoes etc

It is not for colourfast, heat-sensitive and ‘Do not dry’ items.

You can download up to 10 ‘cycles’ from SmartThings app, including Winter Coat, Denim, Down dry, Babywear, Bedding, Doll, and Accessories.

Sanitising claims

Samsung AirDresser uses steam that can help kill ‘certain’ bacteria and viruses. Its filtering system can reduce allergens – no micron rating is available.


It has a UV LED and filter to assist in removing odours from sweat, tobacco, cooking and dry cleaning.

Who is it for?

Samsung AirDresser - Corby

If you have the money, it could be a useful adjunct to your laundry care regimen. Properly used it could reduce annual dry cleaning costs. You probably own a Corby Trouser Press as well (as I do).

Competitor: LG Styler

Caveats: May require professional electrician install